Deadlands: Tales of the magnificent seven.

June 3rd 1879, Somewhere in Kansas
The tale of the six

The night passed quietly with no incident at their camp near a rocky outcrop. To be safe the posse kept watch through the night.

As the posse headed out the next day, Munny queried Jacob what was so important that people were killing to kill to get it? Jacob claimed there was no treasure in their compound, that they were in fact a commune of people who had renounced violence, indeed they could not commit an act of it at all to even protect themselves, hence the need for gunmen.

After another long day of riding they arrived at the commune compound, a wooden palisade surrounding a number of houses each with it’s own garden growing food. A Large church had been built in the centre of the compound.

The travellers were shown to the meeting hall where cots had been laid out and food was provided.

Then after making they leave the three “brothers” headed into the church after explaining that as non-conformists they could not attend.

All but two members of the compound entered the church these two stayed outside the church and when Jessie tried to enter politely asked him to leave. One of them mentioned of a relic stored within but was quickly quietened by his friend.

That night whilst Jessie and Kwai were on the watch on the wall, Kwai noticed some figures attempting to sneak upon the compound, the agile man leapt from the wall and egaged all three men in hand-to-hand combat!

Unfortunately for the three men (and Kwai) Jessie spotted the fight and fanned his 9-shot Lemat pistol into the melee hitting all four of the men killing three and maybe even Kwai…


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