Deadlands: Tales of the magnificent seven.

June 6th 1879, Skyline Streamer

Round The Mountain

Following the events at the compound the posse head back towards the rail road. They pass through a deserted small train halt the small station quiet and empty, in fact no-one seemed to be around at all. They thought nothing of it and headed on.

Once they got to town they boarded the train Exodus buying all but Kwai and Munny (who declined them) sleeping cars.

A pleasant night and following day was spent upon the train, the train did not have many other passengers but those of note to the posse were:

A slight sandy haired girl who spent a large amount of her time sorting through the numerous pockets she had and making things out of odds and ends, a couple Laura and Allen who seemed to spend all their time together, a slick well dressed gentleman named Dawson who spent a good deal of time playing cards with Exodus, a Mormon preacher who passed many hours debating with Eli the priest, a family with two troublesome sons, another young woman who spent a lot of the time trying to interview the posse and would not stop writing in her notebook with her ink stained hands.

In the afternoon of the second day events took a turn for the worse…

As Dawson was trying to sell a $1000 treasure map to Exodus there was a sudden booming sound then the sudden squeal of brakes, all the passengers sustained minor injuries as the coaches derailed. Then as people started to sort themselves out the gun shots started.

It would appear that this was a train robbery, the posse with the help of the sandy haired girl who used a gun like device to throw lightning with deadly accuracy dispatched the bodies, this was then they noticed that the baggage car and caboose were missing from the rear of the train.

Kwai and Eli tend to the wounded and Munny tries to organise the situation.

Laura also was worried about her missing boyfriend, she hires the posse (with the girl who calls herself Tick) to escort her back down the train to find Allen and some family heirlooms she was keeping in the baggage car.

The posse head down the train and find the baggage car on its side and the caboose has not only derailed but slid down the slope into a river.

Jessie jumps up into the baggage car and quickly retrieves the three suitcases he claims are his, Phillip notices that inside the baggage car the only thing damaged is a large crate which on further inspection appears to have contained an animal with sharp claws judging by the deep scars on the wood, this creature appears to have escaped.

Laura climbs into the baggage car and retrieves her bag then climbs out quickly and appears worried. Kwai meanwhile find evidence of something having dragged away a booted figure into the woods.

They head back up to the train wreck and set up camp for the night, the watches are uneventful however in the morning they awake to find that all the dead bodies are missing!



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