Deadlands: Tales of the magnificent seven.

June 4th 1879, The Commune of the conformed

Naylor slumped to floor the black gun dropping from his hand..

Outside the sound of fighting dwindled it seemed it was over.

Brother Jacob could be heard tending to the injured outside the church whilst other brothers are moving the dead bodies to the outside of the compound to take them to the burial site.

Naylor’s body was laying across the inner most of three concentric circles with strange runic writing around them.

Exodus wandered up towards the body and bent down by it, searching his body he found nothing except five playing cards: Ace of spades, Ace of clubs, 8 of spades, 8 of clubs and the Queen of spades.

He then sat down in the circles and played a hand of cards, he had a “hunch” that the gun was The gun is steeped in death you have a sense of evil and darkness."

As the battle was over, Phillip made his way into the church, he seemed most absorbed in examining the body and runes, he decided that the circles are indeed occult in origin they seem to be designed to keep power inside the circle, he wandered what would happen if he erased the circles.

Exodus left telling the rest of the group not to touch the gun, he sought out Brother Jacob and asked why he has such an item sitting around?

Brother Jacob frowns with a moment of pain at the question and says “It is for the best if you all leave this place and never return… That gun is evil.”

“I get that the gun is evil” replied Exodus "so why leave it sitting around where any old body can just walk in and pick it up. If it is so evil why not take it and throw it in the deepest part of the sea or keep it locked up in some save place? "

After some moments of contemplation, Phillip looks around for a piece of cloth and tries to wipe out a small fragment of the outermost circle.

“We cannot take that chance, if anyone who is not conformed sees the gun they are tempted darkness enters their heart and death follows…” brother Jacob replied.

“We have not found a way to destroy the gun all we could do was protect the world from it”

“It calls people you see, Deathbringer is its name, it calls to them, the only thing that stops it is the magic circles, if they are broken then God help us!”

Phillip rubbed away part of the circle…

“You see this is the kind of thing that would have been good to know, but I do see your point. now on to more important matters I do believe you where paying us to stop these bandits, " I look around the compond “and it looks like they are stopped so…..payment would be nice now and then we can be on our way”

The dull ringing of the church bell began, it was an eerie and flat sound, as if the bell was heavily padded.

“Oh dear Lord!” brother Jacobs wails “Who has destroyed the glyph of protection?”

“Brothers! My Brothers it is time to flee leave as quick as you can!”

Jacob turns to Exodus “Exodus thank you for trying to help us, but we have failed, Deathbringer’s Master is coming to reclaim his gun. There is nothing you can do you must take your friends and flee!”

On the horizon darkness fell, it was not the darkness of night but the lack of any light, it flowed quickly over the ground towards to the compound.

“Flee!” Jacob cries “I will try and buy you time!”

He strode towards the darkness a white aura surrounding him, fear and darkness overwhelmed the posse causing them to all fleer in and sheer panic and absolute terror!

The following hours seemed to pass as if it was a nightmare all around the posse as they feld people were dropping dead at their feet, by the time they regained control of their sanity they were far away from the compound.

Looking back they could see no buildings, no vegetation nothing just sheer desolation…



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