Deadlands: Tales of the magnificent seven.

June 4th 1879, The Commune of the conformed

The tale of the six

In the morning Exodus notices Jones walking around the compound in what he finds out a initiates robes.

When questioned (with a senior brother present), Jones explains how after seeing how the brothers healed his wounds and forgave him for attacking them and not showing any malice, he spent the night in the “room of solitude” and thought about his violent past.

He explains how finally he feels happy here and asked to join the commune this very morning and Brother Jacob was happy to receive him.

This bothers Exodus greatly and he and Brother Jacob have a long debate about the apparent stupidity of setting up in the middle of nowhere and wondering why given the number of rumours of cult-like behaviour, gold mines and other strange stories of what goes on in this compound why they do not either leave or show people the truth of what foes on inside that strange church.

Brother Jacob stays calm throughout the discussion but refuses to allow anyone to enter the church, he states once again that only someone who has been confirmed can enter and that tales many months of purification of the soul.

The posse feel very uneasy about Brother Jacob and this camp and they decide to try and find Naylor and his gang. Some aspects of the story do not make sense to them at the moment foremost was why Naylor did not attack when he first arrived and why the commune was given time to hire gunmen.

So they borrow a wagon and take the bodies of the dead “bandits” with them to return them to Naylor.

Munny tracks them back to a collection of rocky outcrops surrounding a pond fed by a spring.

Naylor’s group numbers about 20+ when they arrive and Naylor welcomes them in peace.

They return the dead and the gunpowder to Naylor as a sign of good faith and try to uncover his side of the story. He tells of how since the commune was set up of the surrounding area seems to have become more dark and sinister, how children have gone missing in the surrounding towns and of the rumours of the largest ghostrock mine in the state is meant to be hidden beneath the church.

Naylor and his men tried to reason with Brother Jacob when they visited with him last month but they were rebuffed, then two more children went missing so he returned with armed men. Again Brother Jacob denied any knowledge but still refused to allow access to the church, Naylor decided he needed to gather more men and get hold of the gunpowder before attacking the commune.

The posse and Naylor and some of his men return to the compound to see if they can resolve this.

As they approach they can see a couple of brother anointing the walls of the palisade and chanting in a ritualistic manner.

When Brother Jacob sees that the posse have “sided” with Naylor he refuses entry to them all, again stating that only the confirmed can enter the church, though this time he does add “for the sake of your very souls”

Unfortunately Naylor used the cover of the posse returning had sent some of his men back with a gunpowder keg and whilst the parley is going on the far side of the palisade wall is blown up.

The ensuing combat was confusing for the posse some seemed to attack both the brothers and Naylor’s men, other would fight to defend the brothers, and one tenderfoot would just cower!

The front gates were defended by Kwai who was able to throw to safety the first three sticks of dynamite but then Exodus his eyes closed in concentration for a moment suddenly snared in anger and rage and attack his comrades three cards flew out hitting himself, Kwai and Eli!

This distraction proved enough for a final stick of dynamite to demolish the gates and Naylor entered the compound as Jessie fanned multi bullets into the"bandits" facing him.

Kwai recovered quickly and followed Naylor into the church…

Inside the church was a series of runes cast upon the floor and ceilings, in the centre of the church Kwai sees Naylor holding a large black revolver that seems to resonate with darkness.

Exodus and Munny follow Kwai into the church.

The fight inside the church was quick and brutal Naylor’s shots of screaming death did not save him and he falls to the ground with the gun gripped in his hand and his blood pooling around it.



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