Deadlands: Tales of the magnificent seven.

June 3rd 1879, The Commune of the conformed

The posse brought the surviving cowboy inside the compound and try to question him, he tells them his name is Jones and if follows Naylor as he is determined to bring down the evil of the Brotherhood, though he is interested in the secret gold mine that is meant to be hidden beneath the church.

Brother Jacob arrives and insists that the man is treated for his injuries in the infirmary. Two brothers take the man away and patch him up, they do not see Jones again that night, though Eli thinks he saw a man being carried to a small metal box on the far side of the compound.

Further investigation by the wall uncovers three small barrels stacked up and the top most appeared to be spilling a black and silver powder onto the floor. They further notice that there is a line of gun powder running back to where the men were hiding! It seems that the posse stopped the foes in the nick of time!



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