Deadlands: Tales of the magnificent seven.

June 2nd 1879, Somewhere in Kansas

The following morning the posse heads out it is quite a strange mix and why each of them are there varies and for some for now it is a secret.

The three “brothers” of the Confirmation Jacob, James and Jove are at the front with Kwai Chang Craine and Father Eli Hancock riding double.

William Munny on his horse follows with Exodus riding alongside of him behind them rides Phillip Jordan and Jessie Wilson.

Jessie’s horse is very skittish and when the Indian raiding party charge down over the hill his horse rears throwing Jessie and bolts!

Eight Indian braves ride down towards the posse whooping their war cries as they come and firing their bows, the unstable platform of horses on both sides cause many missed shots.

William Munny climbs down from his horse and fires dropping a foe with quiet precision.

Jessie picks himself up of the ground and fires his rifle as the Indians ride circle around the posse.

Exodus throws three of his playing cards that fly through the air with precision and kill three of the foes instantly!

Father Eli prays to the Lord on high to send down a windstorm to blind and slow their enemies, three braves are caught and blinded by the storm of dust that sweeps up.

Kwai uses his silver fan to deflect two arrows that should have skewered him.

Phillip falls off his horse and shaking all over holds his pistol out in front of him.

The attacks only lasts a about half a minute before Munny, Jessie and Exodus have dispatched the Indians, Father Eli walks slowly towards one of the now owner-less horses and soothes it nerves and the horse trustingly allows the priest to ride it.



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